Meet the Team

Partnership Co-ordinator
Anya Keenan

Edinburgh Garden Partners’ Board of Trustees

Nancy Fancott (EGP Gardener and Policy Work)
Nancy has a background in social welfare and charity law and currently works in social care policy. She has been an EGP garden volunteer for six years and joined the board in 2015. She loves the outdoors, is obsessed with her EGP garden plot, and is evangelical about the benefits of sharing time together in the garden. Her favourite plant is the artichoke — delicious and beautiful in equal measure!

Ben Thurman (EGP Volunteer Gardener)
Ben Thurman joined the board in February 2017 and is EGP’s Treasurer. He has been a garden volunteer for four years, working with two others to establish a dementia-friendly garden at a residential care home in Colinton. Outside of EGP, Ben works as a Policy & Research Officer for the youth charity, Mentor UK, and loves anything to do with cricket, mountains, OS maps and bicycles.

Polly Griffiths (EGP Volunteer Gardener)
Polly has been an EGP volunteer for 5 years and joined the board in 2017. Polly has been gardening since a child, digging up potatoes with her granddad, and believes passionately about the benefits of gardening to health, wellbeing and community development.


Ethan Lewis (EGP Volunteer Gardener)
Ethan is a PhD Candidate with the University of Edinburgh and joined the board in 2017. He has a background in Environmental Education and community food systems. Prior to coming to Edinburgh he worked with training immigrant and minority farmers in organic farming practices. He could talk for hours about the benefits and enjoyment of gardening, loves to garden with others and will devour asparagus during its short growing season.
Janet Bradbury (EGP Volunteer Gardener)

Nicola Hancock (EGP Volunteer Gardener)
Nicola has been an EGP volunteer for 2 years and joined the board in 2017. Having grown up in Hong Kong and living in cities since moving to the UK, EGP was her first opportunity to get space to garden. She really enjoys weekly catch ups with her garden owner, who has a lot in common with her grandma – Scottish, called Betty and with a very cheeky sense of humour!