Why Garden Share?

There are many benefits to being involved in Garden Sharing, and at EGP we are particularly enthusiastic about the following:

(1) We enable older people, or people with disabilities, to get help with maintaining and cultivating their gardens. People who otherwise might be worrying about maintaining their garden (and would consider moving house because of it) start to see their garden as a benefit rather than a burden. We are also keen to enable these people to participate in and gain from the therapeutic benefits of gardening, where this is possible.

‘I’m much happier seeing it tidy. I’m looking forward to Spring .There are lots of bulbs that we’ve put in between us.’ Garden owner

(2) We promote and enable the growing and consumption of local and organic food. This has many environmental benefits, including carbon saving. We encourage the sharing of produce between the owner and gardener.

The best thing about Garden Sharing is the fresh produce. I like the idea of having home grown food again which my husband always used to pride himself on. Garden owner

(3) We get people gardening! Often these are people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a garden, or would have to wait 7-11 years on the allotment waiting list. Just gardening in itself has many physical, mental and emotional benefits.

‘When you are stuck in your flat the skies always look grey. Get out into a garden and discover how blue they can be’. Garden Share Volunteer

(4) We educate people about gardening and encourage them to take part in the Scheme in an environmentally friendly way, including gardening organically and sustainably.


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