Here are some comments from our garden partners:

“I just wanted to report that everything is going really well with Mr M. and me in the garden. It makes me really happy each time to see how much he enjoys to have someone around, share the garden work and have a cup of tea with. There are also some small seedlings popping out where we sowed stuff.” A volunteer gardener

” I am having massive fun in the garden and truly enjoy my chats with my Garden owner and her good advice. I feel very lucky! ” A volunteer gardener

“The great thing about the garden is how close it is – we can dash out when the computers need to cool down. We’ve got it all turned over, muck spread and dug in, got the hedge down a foot to let light in and cleared away all the debris as well as planting a few fruit bushes. We’ll get on to the veggies soon. It’s a major improvement in our lives” A volunteer gardener

“Being matched with my volunteer gardener is a gift from heaven. The garden is now productive and tidy again.”  90 year old Garden owner

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