About Us

Edinburgh Garden Partners (EGP) is a charity established to develop garden sharing in Edinburgh.

We match garden owners who are unable to manage or enjoy their gardens, with local volunteer gardeners who want space to grow their own food and have no garden or allotment. Produce is shared between the garden partners.

“I was thinking about moving into a flat…the garden was all very neglected. Best thing that ever happened sharing my garden. Peace of mind” — Garden sharer

“I love gardening and can’t get an allotment, it has changed my life” — Gardener

EGP is driven by a desire to support people to remain independent in their own homes, often older and disabled people including carers who do not have time for the garden and by a wish to increase accessibility to gardening, food growing and the environment.


We are updating our website and moving office! See below for our new address!


Address Osborne



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